I have friends who say they cannot travel because they have pets or that they cannot have pets because they travel. Thanks to Mountain Pet Resort I am spared that choice. My terrier starts wagging her tail the minute I turn down the driveway, & she leaps into Paula’s arms without one backwards glance at me.

If you are looking for a place for your furred loved ones  to stay while you are out of town look no farther. Mountain Pet Resort is the place.

Barbara Brown Taylor – Clarksville, GA.


Paula at Mountain Pet Resort saved our dog’s life.  We could tell immediately that Paula took a keen and genuine interest in her overnight visitors; however it wasn’t until February, 2006, that we truly realized the personal professional attention provided at Mountain Pet Resort.  During a recent stay at Mountain Pet Resort, Paula noticed that Chewie, our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier’s urine was a bright orange color and sensed that our beloved Chewie had a major health problem that couldn’t wait four days until we returned home.  Paula immediately called my husband to inform him of Chewie’s condition and ask permission to take her to the veterinarian.  After being examined by the veterinarian, Chewie was diagnosed with a life threatening liver ailment requiring immediate attention.  Paula not only transported Chewie to and from the clinic, but she served as the “contact” person between us and our veterinarian in addition to administering the prescribed medications and special dietary needs in our absence.  Chewie remains on medication and a special diet and is responding to treatment, but we still don’t know if she is “out of the woods.” What we do know, however, is that we are all grateful for Paula’s keen observations, quick actions, and love of animals which at the very least gave Chewie a fighting chance at recovering.  When you drop your pet off at the boarder, all you can ask for is conscious and professional care and that is what you get at Mountain Pet Resort.

Scott and Bobbie Krause – Cornelia, Georgia

Paula and Anna:

THANK you SO very much for your incredible care of my two girls.  You know I was VERY nervous and stressed to “board” them for two weeks.  I was FREAKING out when my pet sitter bailed on me just 3 days before our trip.

I knew when the Avarys recommended you that you were GREAT!  They are crazy about their dogs, like I am mine.

Pizza and Penny got more exercise, activity, and stimulation with you than they do just lieing in my office all day watching me work. They came home happy, healthy, and peppy!  I can tell they were well treated!

Your care and diligence when Pizza had her “intestinal” issue :0) was incredible.  Calling our vet and having several conversations with him to decide the best care for her was WELL above and beyond!!  Thank you.

I will be using your “resort” MANY times in the next years.  We travel a great deal and finding a trusted pet sitter has always been a BIG chore.  I now know that my girls are safer, better cared for, and more active with you than staying at home.  Plus, it was much cheaper!

I promise to give you more than a 3 day notice next time!! :0)

Thanks again — from ALL of us!

Gena Hampton – Duluth, GA